Are you concerned about online safety?

The internet is a fantastic resource of information and entertainment. However there are many examples of ways children can be exposed to danger and risk online without proper supervision and guidance. As a parent, the balance between giving your child the freedom to explore and learn, and keeping them safe can be difficult. Your child may not feel they need a parents support however it is vital you support them whilst they learn to use technology safely.

Is it just online safety that I need to think about?

No. Mobile phones, tablets, games consoles and any electronic device that can share information, pictures or video need to be considered.

What are the potential issues with online safety and technology?

Childnet lists many topics that give information about potential problems of going online and using technology. These include, cyberbullying, grooming and in-app purchases. For more information visit their website here.

In addition, the Government has produced advice for parents and carers about cyberbullying here.

A video called ‘Kayleigh’s Love Story’ highlights the dangers of social media and the risk of online grooming. You can watch it here.

How do I know if a game, film or book is suitable for my child?

This can be a difficult question to answer because all children mature at different rates. Parental intuition is always important, but if you want to get advice and reviews from other parents, Common Sense Media provides a comprehensive search facility with information about age appropriateness.

How can I protect my child?

It’s important you spend time reading and researching matters related to online safety and discuss this with your child at home. Whilst open and frank conversations with a child can be difficult, it is vital you do this to keep them safe. In addition, you can ‘take control’ of how they use the internet and technology. Please visit the NSPCC guide here.

Where else can I get help and support?

If you have concerns please speak with the school.

In addition, the following websites contain useful information: